Productivity-Improvement Technologies

Productivity is an essential business metric that affects operational costs, revenue, employee satisfaction and customer/client experience. It also influences intangible factors like company culture and brand identity. Productivity plays a significant role in measuring these aspects.

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Technology is one of the key determinants of productivity, and can be leveraged in many ways to enhance a business’ performance. Companies who adopt these technologies typically reduce their operating costs, increase flexibility with remote workers and enhance communication processes.

Connectivity and Collaboration

When employees don’t have direct access to the data, files, and tools they need for their job, it can have a detrimental effect on productivity. That is where technologies such as cloud-based platforms or chat applications come in to help boost efficiency by facilitating communication across teams.

Quick Accessible Information

Businesses of any industry need to be able to quickly and easily obtain all pertinent business data. This can be achieved with various technologies like file-sharing software, document management systems and collaboration tools like Dropbox or Google Drive.

Enhancing Collaboration

Collaboration tools are another productivity-enhancing technology that enable teams to discuss, plan and execute projects together in one location. This saves time by allowing the team to focus on their work instead of spending a lot of energy resolving issues or exchanging emails back-and-forth.

Online Task Tracking, Planning and Project Management

These tools enable businesses to stay on track with their progress towards goals and manage projects efficiently. It also serves as a great way to identify bottlenecks and adjust course accordingly in order to remain on schedule for deadlines.

Remote Working

If a worker needs to take time off due to illness or personal issues that prevent them from coming into the office, they can still work remotely using a VPN. This enables them to work from home or even a hotel room.

More Efficient Communications

Miscommunication is a major productivity sapper and can take up much time and energy for businesses to address. That’s where technologies like group messaging or chat applications come in to dramatically improve communication efficiency.

Increase Productivity in the Kitchen

Foodservices have often been seen as being behind on adopting productivity-enhancing technologies. But with the right strategy and some creative thinking, hospitality businesses can reap similar rewards from efficiency gains that other industries have experienced.

Invest in Superior Technology for Better Results

When it comes to getting a great return on your technology investment, nothing beats the best. For instance, Jira or other project management tools promote high productivity and enable teams to complete tasks more quickly.

No matter your business size or scope, productivity is key and technology should be an integral part of your workspace. By implementing the appropriate technologies into your workplace, you can maximize team output and provide superior customer service without sacrificing profitability.

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