Razer Gold: God of War Review

How the Razer Gold Works?

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The Razer Store works a little differently than all the other gaming websites. For example, when you add Razer Gold Coins, you’ll automatically get the same amount in Razer Silver Coins. Both currencies open different goods you can reclaim on the Razer website.

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After you gather all the Razer Coins, we now give you one suggestion that you could consider. 

Razer Gold: God of War Review

Currently, you can exchange your Razer Gold Coins to claim the God of War “key” for the Steam platform. In other words, after you complete the transaction, you’ll get a “Product Code,” which you’ll need to activate on Steam.

We recommend checking the God of War System requirements before buying this option from the Razer Store.

If you’re able to run God of War in your computer, you will find:

Perplexing Story

One of the astonishing points of God of War is the movie-like experience. In this video game, you’ll overcome multiple obstacles and fight against monsters to reach your objective. Although the name might mislead some players, this is not the first God of War. However, since the story starts in another region, you don’t need to play the older versions. 

The developers took all their focus on making an everlasting story. As a result, you will follow a “linear” path that leads you from Point A to Point B. As you move around this virtual world, you will get hints and exposition for what’s to come.

Clashing Fighting Options

Many of the mythological creatures come with unique fighting styles and properties. Hence, your principal weapon (axe) works best in some opponents but does not affect other enemies. However, Kratos (the protagonist) has many tools (including his son) to deal with many threats and overcome all the upcoming obstacles.

Moreover, as you make progress in the story, you’ll grab more weapons and unlock fighting techniques.

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Over-the-Top Graphics

Even though God of War is not relatively new (2022 on Windows), thanks to the “linear” approach, the graphics will give you that Nordic Mythological Experience. Every little in-game detail has ways to keep you captivated.

Furthermore, each character’s animation looks fluid and “realistic.” Above all, many of the boss encounters have unique effects and gameplay interactions.  

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