What’s New in iOS 14?

Ios 14 marks the first major update to iOS since 2007, introducing a host of new features such as App Library, widgets, improved Memoji animations and more.

Messages has recently undergone several enhancements that make it even better for conversations and collaboration. You can now pin chats to the top of the app’s conversation list as large, round icons that won’t disappear unless manually removed. Furthermore, group chats now support mentions so you’ll receive notifications when someone in the conversation mentions you.

Apple is also adding accessibility features to its mobile software, such as Headphone Accommodations which amplify soft sounds for hearing aids and VoiceOver support for screen readers for the blind community, so they can automatically recognize what users see onscreen.

Apple recently unveiled an App Tracking Transparency feature in iOS 14 that enables you to control which applications can track your activity across websites and other applications. This is particularly useful for marketers relying on tools like the Facebook Pixel, since inaccurate reports about user conversion rates could potentially reduce their paid media effectiveness.

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iOS 14 introduces the Translate app, powered by Apple’s Neural Engine that can translate text in real-time using machine translation. The app works offline and is currently available in 11 languages.

iOS 14 introduces the App Clip feature, enabling users to quickly access an app without downloading it from the App Store. This small part of the app will open on their Home Screen and can be dragged and dropped onto other areas such as lock screens.

This can be beneficial, as it helps you locate the correct app quickly, saving time in the process. However, be mindful that apps that utilize this feature may track your location and access your microphone without authorization.

IOS 14 introduces the App Library and widgets, as well as a revamp of Siri that makes it pop up directly on the page you’re on rather than opening up a separate screen. Furthermore, picture in picture (PIP) mode for apps uses the same technology used on iPads to show an app within a picture of your desktop desktop.

Apple is adding an App Store feature to iOS that enables non-Apple default applications for email and web browsers. This has been a long requested feature by iPhone owners, and Apple has finally heeded their demands.

In addition to these updates, Apple is also releasing an App Store update that addresses some issues with iOS 12. This patch closes a zero-day attack hole on some devices and fixes some bugs in Maps.

iOS 14 brings with it a host of other enhancements and tweaks, making this update quite significant. We’ll be covering all the new features in-depth in our IOS 14 features guide.

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