Sunday Sporting Events in New York

Sunday Sports Events in NYC from Major League Baseball to MMA

Sports fans in New York City cherish Sunday sporting events like no other. From Major League Baseball and Major League Soccer (MLS) to the US Open tennis tournament, there’s never a shortage of thrilling matches throughout the year. Whether you’re new to watching a game live in the Big Apple or an avid follower, it’s always an amazing experience watching one play live.

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Getting Outside to Watch Sport

With so many racing, fighting and playoff matchups taking place this weekend, it can be hard to decide whether to spend your time enjoying nature or sitting in front of the television. Luckily, there are plenty of events you can attend that will let you do both! Below is a full list of Sunday sporting events in New York; make sure to set aside some time for cheering on your favorite team while taking in all that the great outdoors has to offer! Plus don’t forget about On Location for even more sports and entertainment experiences!

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