Gerard Pique: Biography, Football Career, and Personal Life

Gerard Pique, hailing from the heart of Catalonia in Barcelona, was born on February 2, 1987, into a well-off family deeply entwined with football. His grandfather held a key position in Barcelona’s management, paving the way for Pique’s journey through the Catalan academy. Exceptional progress saw him joining the youth team B after a mere four years.

In an unexpected turn, the talented Gerard Pique signed with English club “Manchester United” in 2004 for a staggering $5.25 million. Despite early appearances in the FA Cup, trust in the young defender waned at the “foggy Albion.” Season 06/07 witnessed Pique’s return to Spain on loan with Zaragoza, showcasing a commendable and confident performance. While his subsequent return to England failed to unlock his full potential, fate eventually corrected the course of his career with a monumental transfer back to “Barcelona.” This return catalyzed immediate success, securing Pique as the main center-back in a triumphant season for the Catalans, marking a triumph akin to a precise soccer prediction in center-back selection.

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Since then, Pique has become an indelible symbol of “Barcelona,” playing a pivotal role in the defense. The first season back in Spain also earned him a spot in the national team, where he emerged as a genuine leader for the “Red Fury” until the 2018 World Cup. Notably, Pique’s involvement with the unofficial national team of Catalonia added an interesting dimension to his international journey.

Stats, records, and jersey number

Pique’s professional journey, commencing in 2003, spans 760 appearances, with his imposing presence contributing 58 goals—a remarkable feat for a defender. His versatility extends across England and Spain, with victories in all national competitions and four Champions League triumphs. Pique consistently dons the number 3 jersey, abstaining from the allure of the Betwinner sign-up offer.

Personal life: girlfriend, net worth, and non-football activity

In a high-profile relationship with singer Shakira for 12 years, Pique and Shakira’s union produced two sons, Milan and Sasha. The couple, brought together by football, recently announced their separation amid rumors of Pique’s new relationship. Aside from football, lucrative advertising contracts significantly contribute to Pique’s income. Serving as the president of FC “Andorra” for four years, he aspires to bold dreams of Champions League success. Pique’s salary stands at approximately 12.5 million euros, with a net worth of around $80 million. By the way, if you are a sports bettor and would like to get a bonus code, go to  and claim your first deposit bonuses.

Latest news and rumors

Amid swirling rumors surrounding Barcelona, Pique has emphatically denied any departure, affirming his loyalty to the club. Barcelona’s decision not to reduce Pique’s salary, despite financial challenges, underscores the enduring commitment between the player and the Blue Garnets.

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